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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

PRIME + Travelers = Superior NJ Business Insurance

- Insurance Coverage that puts you in charge! - Power Pac Premier Blanket Insurance Policy - What type of business insurance is it? It’s an enhanced plan for business owners. Its coverage is wide-ranging. If you suffer...

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Better NJ Business Insurance

PRIME and Travelers Insurance Grants Your Wish! - Enhanced Business Policy Puts You in Charge - Insurance coverage does not always pay for damages like you would like it to. Now there’s a new insurance product you’ll...

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Falling Leaves? OMG, It’s Raining Leaves!

- Homeowners, Get the rakes out! - I looked out of my front window and all I could see was rain. Not the wet kind, mind you, but a rather dry colorful blend type! Honest to goodness, it was raining leaves on my front...

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Own A Business? Get Boosted NJ Insurance Coverage!

Business Insurance Policies that Make a Difference - PRIME Insurance is proud to partner with Travelers Insurance Company to offer something new: enhanced coverage for Business Owner Insurance! Experience a ‘blanket’...

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Are you a NJ Midsize Business?

PRIME Presents Midsize Business Coverage from Liberty Mutual - Has Your NJ Business Grown? Your Insurance Needs Also Have. - If you have moved into bigger space and hired more employees to accommodate boosted sales,...

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Insurance for Your Business

Fall Back, Spring Forward

- Enlightening facts about the Seasonal Clock Change - Light Prevails over Darkness in Middle East It was the month of September, 1999, when daylight saving time was in effect in the West Bank. After preparing bombs...

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PRIME Insurance and National Cyber Security Awareness Month

- Wrapping Up Obama's October Theme Cyber danger lurks behind every computer mouse and keyboard! In recent years, were able to create serious cyber data breaches that debilitated US government, health care, financial, ...

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PRIME Insurance: Great News for Business Owners!

- New NJ Business Insurance Enhancement to Policies! - Business Owner policies are creating a sensation lately here at PRIME Insurance. Chances are, you're going to want to know what the insurance buzz is all about....

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PRIME’s New Healthcare Facility Insurance Department!

One-Stop Insurance Expertise! - PRIME Insurance is proud to announce the recent launching of its new Healthcare Facilities Insurance Department, where all your insurance concerns are expertly addressed. A Legacy of...

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