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Why Sunglasses are Like Insurance for Your Eyes

Our Take on National Sunglasses Day

June 27 is National Sunglasses Day and we’re celebrating the dissemination of information.

As insurance agents that deal with all forms of national coverage, including NJ auto, home and commercial insurance, it stands to reason that we view a lot of products that protect against risks and hazards in a similar vein. That’s why – during the nationally designated day of sunglass safety recognition - Prime Insurance Agency decided to highlight all of the right reasons to don a pair of protective eye shades.  


Did you know?

  • Sunglasses protect even those people with blue or green eyes that have more of a chance of eye damage from the UV sun rays than those with brown eyes.

  • Sunglasses shield your eyes from the danger of cataracts and mascular degeneration presented by the sun’s rays. Exposure to the sun can also make your eyelids vulnerable to skin cancer.
  • Sunglasses prevent dust and particles blown around in gusty arid climates from entering eyes and further irritating dry eye sufferers.
  • Sunglasses help you to face the sun’s glares without succumbing to the squinting that causes eye area wrinkles.

  • Sunglasses help shun the sun’s glare when driving. This contributes to enhanced driving visibility and prevention of accidents (and related auto insurance claims). 


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Summary: Celebrate National Sunglasses Day with PRIME Insurance Agency as we highlight the eye-health benefits of wearing sunglasses.


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