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PRIME is now at its beautiful new 960 E County Line Rd building! Incorporating 7,000 square feet of stylish sole-occupancy innovation, we’ve become an all-encompassing insurance epicenter. The one-stop source of state-of-the-art insurance accessibility, customers now benefit from quick drive up in-and-out service, leading edge technology, energy efficiency and the very latest in paperless progression - combined with outstanding hands-on expertize of all of its dedicated staff members! Visit us today and HAVE A PRIME DAY™!

At PRIME Insurance of Lakewood, NJ, selling insurance is nothing less than a passion for excellence. It's about a drive to provide the best coverage possible for our clients. And it's about a commitment to achieve that.

Auto Insurance

We are pros at locating affordable and comprehensive auto insurance. Request a quote and allow us to present tailored coverage for you.

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Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance quotes can vary. We can get you tailored coverage at competitively lowest quotes.

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Business Insurance

Allow us to review your insurance requirements. It is important for any business to secure tailored coverage to protect you in times of need.

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Life Insurance

Life is ever changing and your life insurance policy should evolve along with it. Speak to us about excellent choices of affordable coverage.

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