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Homeowner Insurance

from Prime Insurance Agency

Homeowner Insurance

Your home is your fortress, your haven, the very center of your daily life. In all likelihood, it is also your most valued asset. If your home is damaged or destroyed, the effects can be emotionally and financially devastating.

At PRIME Insurance, we know that the right policy can provide peace of mind - as well as money to repair or replace your home and/or belongings if a loss occurs. Whether you are a home, condo owner, renter, or landlord, we can help you find home insurance that best meets your needs. Tailored coverage, of course, is not all we give. Our famed quality service and fine pricing come inherently along.

Recent PRIME Homeowner Policy Examples

1.  After combining an insured’s NJ auto policy together with well-rated comprehensive Lakewood, NJ home coverage, Prime presented a bundled package that included an annual auto saving of $460, and an annual home savings of $114.16. Total year’s savings amounted to $544.16!

2.  A property owner received a quote of $3,122 for two Miami, FL locations on his package dwelling fire renewal. Prime rated each location separately at $1,264.00, saving him a total of $594.00!

3.  When a client came to Prime with a non-admitted Brooklyn, NY homeowners policy connected to a premium of $1,371, we searched our network and located a plan for a lower premium of $1,120 with a standard market!

4.  An insured who had been with the same carrier since 2007 received a renewal Deal, NJ quote for $1,464. Prime re-rated his renewal policy, getting him a great policy attached to an annual premium of $872: a $592 SAVINGS!

Clearly, PRIME Insurance has capability to write a wide-spectrum of home insurance policy types with a focus on helping satisfy every client’s individual needs at the most competitive rates. For a rapid response to your insurance inquiry call us at 732-886-5751.

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