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The time is now,” says Mr. S. Ilowitz 

I don’t want to come across as one that tries to take advantage of a situation for our benefit – but I can’t hold back from saying that getting cyber coverage is now more crucial than ever. People all over the globe are home – many of the crooked ones as well – and they need to make money. Companies!  Please listen to us and get coverage for Cyber Liability Insurance.

Unfortunately, most businesses are not covered for loss of income due to the Corona Virus attack - so I have heard some people saying – ‘where is insurance when I need it?’ – This question although it may be a good question and may make you feel good complaining but it won’t get you to far – you need to be pro active and get covered for what can be covered – Cyber Insurance is important…..actually let me rephrase……its very important. I will briefly summarize some of the coverage's that can be included on a cyber policy.

Cyber Liability Insurance: A new form of malware is created by the “dark web” every four seconds. Every business is at serious risk of being hit by ransomware, data breach and/or another cyberattack. Such attacks can result in system shutdowns, stolen personal data, client lawsuits, fraudulent wire transfers and more – with losses often running into the millions. It is important to realize that there are many crucial differences between different cyber liability plans. Many of them, especially those that are merely “add-ons” to standard liability coverage, have major gaps in coverage when disaster strikes.

Companies need to learn to think long term – long term means – that should a major disaster strike in the coming years that your livelihood….your business….your life long work doesn’t go up in smoke…..that’s your responsibility. Cyber Coverage fits the bill. Call your insurance broker now to get educated about it. FYI many of the brokers out there are not so educated about this coverage so if you want to talk a professional  is available.

As the Prime slogan goes, “Be insured and Be assured.” For a comprehensive consultation, please call Prime Insurance Agency at 732-886-5751 x 110 or visit our website Find out about how to best insure your business against every threat possible!