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How to Eat Healthy at Your Favorite Restaurant


“Oh, I wouldn’t mind a big hamburger with all the trimmings and a side of French fries!” “Ooh! The rich pasta dish on the menu has really caught my fancy!”

When you eat out, chances are you aren’t focusing on selecting what’s good for you but on what tickles your taste buds at the moment. The secret to eating properly when out of your home kitchen, however, is to focus on a personal food policy that begins and ends with healthy life choices without compromising on delicious goodness.  For your wellbeing, PRIME Insurance Agency of Lakewood, NJ  brings you the following restaurant food guide.

Ten Right Ways to Eat Out of Your Home

  1. Go Green
    Begin by filling up on a nutritious salad. Order dressing in a separate dish that you can add sparingly according to your own preference.

  2.  Select Your Drinks Wisely
     Water is the good way to go; you can also ask for low or
     fat-free milk, tea without sugar or other low calorie beverages.

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     3. Avoid the typical large restaurant portions by sharing.
         You can save money and calories by eating moderately. Order
         one large dish to be placed in the center of your table and ask for
         smaller plates for everyone in your party. This way, everyone can
         take part of the food without overeating.

      4. Pick a side dish that will serve as your main course.
          Presented on a smaller plate with less food, this option allows
          you to eat your favorites without the temptation to overeat.

      5. Choose low-calorie foods
          Vegetables, stir-fry dishes and other such selections are a 
          great option to higher calorie foods and fill you up nutritiously.
          Instead of rich pastries, ice cream and the like, order fruits as
          your dessert.


     6. Balance your meal with variety.
         Peruse the menu for foods that incorporate the full food pyramid
         so that you will ingest a wholesome combination.

     7. Stay with whole grain breads.
         This will fill you up the healthy way.

     8. Evaluate your food choices.
         Be a smart eater by checking the menu for food nutrition and
         content. Does your pick come with high calories, saturated fat
salt? Based on your findings, make wise choices.

     9. Avoid temptations.
         Stay clear of all-you-can-eat restaurant offers; select food that
         has not been fried.

   10. Don’t eat everything off your plate.
        Just because it has been served, doesn’t mean you have to
        ingest the whole thing. Gauge your hunger before cleaning your
        plate. If you are satiated, ask the waiter to wrap up the leftovers
        so you can take it home to enjoy later.

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Summary: Watching your weight? Trying to eat nutritiously? Somehow, away from home, it's all the harder! Follow these great tips from PRIME Insurance Agency and enjoy your food and your health!


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