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Nursing Home Risks and You

PRIME Insurance and CNA Bring You Coverage Plus

PRIME Insurance presents CNA’s Aging Services Insurance. But it’s more than excellent coverage. It’s a plan that offers guidance in managing the risks.

Carefully Speaking, CNA’s. newsletter for aging services facilities, can help you address important industry issues, such as chronic pain management, resident selection and fire and theft prevention. Their highly-praised claims study series looks at closed claims to provide you with a wider comprehension of the risks your aging services organization faces and presents viable recommendations to help prevent an incident from occurring.

PRIME Insurance and CNA:

 A Claim Management Philosophy that’s Uncomplicated - Handling Claims Fairly and Accurately

CNA's goal is to be a first-class claim insurance company by setting the standards of excellence in the industry.

Should your organization need to file a claim, you’ll benefit from a claim team dedicated exclusively to aging services policyholders. Their collective experience as lawyers, nurses and administrators, along with their detailed industry knowledge, allows them to identify high severity claims earlier in the process and develop timely resolution strategies.

Besides that, their claim professionals will utilize their claim control consultants to detect issues that can help you minimize future claims.

For possible high severity claims, such as serious injuries related to a fall, CNA will use the expertise and experience of its claims team as well as a team of national trial lawyers as necessary.

Documentation leads to a positive claim outcome

Following hip surgery, a nursing home resident spent several days in the institution’s skilled nursing facility (SNF). During her recovery, the resident was on a Coumadin program prescribed by her surgeon. The surgeon hadn’t provided any transfer orders at discharge regarding the dosage amount or how frequently her international normalized ratio (NR) levels should be tested.

Within one week, the resident was readmitted to the hospital because of  an infected wound site that necessitated additional surgery. The patient filed a lawsuit against the SNF alleging improper use of Coumadin and failure to test INR levels at appropriate levels.

CNA brought in a gerontologist, a wound care nurse and a gerentological nurse to review the records and care provided to the patient. Their investigation uncovered that the facility staff had carried out orders related to the patient’s care precisely as they were given and that the care plan reflected that the resident was at risk for bleeding because of her treatment. Their resident's medical chart and records included clear, consistent and thorough documentation.

Given the positive expert reviews, adherence to the standard of care by the staff and powerful resident record documentation, defense counsel was successful in having the SNF dismissed from the claim with no indemnity payment.

Wide industry experience and solutions you can trust

From underwriting to risk control to claim services to actuarial, CNA’s solutions for aging services organizations are created by experts with significant experience in the healthcare industry – many with advanced designations, such as the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter, the Registered Professional Liability Underwriter and Fellow of the Society of Actuaries.

When it comes to extensive healthcare knowledge and experience…PRIME Insurance presents CNA ‘s showcase of  more.

To learn further about how CNA can help your aging services organization, please contact PRIME Insurance at


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