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When the Employed Counsel needs Individual Professional Liability

Attorneys that work for someone else may assume that they are under the corporate professional liability insurance policy that broadly covers the company. In a sense they are correct. If an employed counselor-at- law is...

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When the Travel Agency or Tour Operator needs Insurance

When travelers and tourists make plans they expect all to go as planned. But life does not always cooperate. For the travel agency or tour operator a mistake can lead to damages and related damages. This is where an...

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Errors and Omissions: When the County Clerk makes a Mistake

Insurance for the County Clerk and Recorder - The County Clerk’s office is in charge of all the paperwork. This includes things like: Liens Mortgages Marriage certificates Death certificates Assumed names Gun permits...

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Why there is Professional Liability Insurance for a Hospital

It was stuff made of a nightmare when a CO woman was diagnosed with two malignant kidneys and had both removed, only to discover thereafter that the organs had in fact been healthy. The woman tragically died before...

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What Type of Insurance Protection for the School and Teacher?

The educational community has enough exposure to liability that it can fill insurance claims books of examples. Related: how NJ teachers and school staff members can take advantage of related auto insurance discounts...

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What insurance do medical supply shops like yours buy?

You are one of a few in a demanding industry. Your clients come to you to be measured, sized and advised. What happens when you mess up? No one is perfect. Mistakes happen. In the event you sell medical equipment to a...

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Nursing Home Risks and You

PRIME Insurance and CNA Bring You Coverage Plus - PRIME Insurance presents CNA's Aging Services Insurance. But it's more than excellent coverage. It's a plan that offers guidance in managing the risks. Carefully...

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