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Summer’s Last Licks: The Dos, Don’ts and Nevers of Family Trips

Dedicated to spreading the word on safety, PRIME Insurance presents this, part of an ongoing series of educational articles.

8 Automobile Tips that’ll Keep Fun Safe

  1. Do prevent auto breakdowns by performing regular maintenance on your vehicle. Be sure to include timely tune-ups, including oil change, tire inspection and rotation, battery testing, belt, hose, wiper blade and light check, as well as air conditioning and  coolant & fluid level assessment.
  2. Do ensure car and booster seats are properly installed and that they meet NHTSA’s child passenger safety recommendations..
  3. Don’t drive unless driver and passengers are safety buckled.
  4. NEVER leave a child in an unattended car, whether it is running or not – for any amount of time.
  5. Do lock vehicle doors at all times when it is not in use; make keys inaccessible to children.
  6. Do remember your responsibility to yourself and others by staying alert. Be sure to stop along the highway to stretch, eat and drink, make phone calls, text messages, and switch drivers.
  7. Do practice good driving: look only at the road, fix hands on the steering wheel and NEVER drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  8. Do remember to share the roadway. Be mindful of and courteous to pedestrians, bicycles motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles.

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As the final weeks of summer begin to dissipate, PRIME Insurance presents this condensed list of tips on family car trip safety. Safety should be the foundation on which a vacation rests. Don’t leave without checking off each of these eight pointers. Then go ahead, mom, dad and kids  - have a ball!


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