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Chill in the Air; Soup’s On!


As the beautiful fall foliage envelopes the landscape and the orange sunset casts its rays against the expansive horizon, there’s an evening chill that hints of more climate change to come. Within the home kitchen, there are corresponding modifications to family menus as well.

Join PRIME Insurance as we celebrate life with those good old fashioned bowls of soup that warm both body and soul!

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5 Cool Facts about Hot Soup

  • The word ‘soup’ is known to be derived from outdated words, sop or sop. In ancient times it was a simple broth-like substance drenched over bread for easy consumption by the elderly or sick.
  • The beginning of the modern era applauded the first public presentation of steaming hot soup by the restaurant business when it was served in the early 1700s at a posh Paris eatery.
  • The first American settlers had a handy ‘pocket soup’ – almost like the contemporary bouillon cube. All that needed to be done to produce a heartwarming liquid chow was to pour hot water over it and add available root vegetables.
  • The phrase to ‘eat soup’ as opposed to ‘drink soup’ comes from the assumption that soup is a venerable part and parcel of the meal. Moreover, most do not sip soup from a cup, but consume it (read: eat it) with the aid of a spoon. 
  • Although soup comes in all forms and consistencies, chicken soup has been unceremoniously dubbed as ‘mom’s delicious cure-all medicine’. 

Easy Chicken Soup Recipe Even Non-Moms Can Cook


Fill a pot with water, add chicken, carrots, onion, garlic, parsley and any number of your choice of vegetables; bring to boil and skim. Add seasoning, then simmer for 1 hour or longer. Yum! Who ever thought medicine could taste so good?

This article has been brought to you by PRIME Insurance. An advocate of all that’s wholesome, PRIME provides ongoing series of articles to the public.

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Summary: Why do we ‘eat’ soup rather than ‘drink’ soup? When was soup introduced to the modern-day restaurant menu? As the brisk evening fall weather begins to make us shiver and hearty hot soup makes its grand debut on our supper table, let PRIME Insurance give you the  answers to these intriguing soup questions and more…


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