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How to Prepare Your Business for a Hurricane Blow

Like other natural disasters, a hurricane can deliver a serious blow to your operations. From a power outage to broken water pipes to floods to loss of business and so on, the financial impact can hit hard.

Those who plan in advance can pave the path to escaping the full brunt of business interruption and make a quick recovery.

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Aside from acquiring a fitting commercial insurance policy, CNA brings the following points of advice on how a business can plan effectively for a disaster.

Make a Business Impact Analysis

  • Pinpoint the kind of losses that might concern your business.

  • Evaluate how much of a risk loss incidence and severity likelihood you have.

  • Go over your company’s process flow map. If one part of the operation is rendered unworkable, locate another business component that can act upon those responsibilities.
  • Highlight business operations that are essential to continued existence and business revival.

  • Make sure your sales records, list of clientele, tax info, legal papers and other data are stowed or have backup at another secure location.

  • Create a substitution plan for executive manager posts.

Single Out Business Partners

  • Make sure you have several vendors that will provide outsourcing of services in the event of a disaster.

  • Draft a list of strategic vendor and business partner contacts that is stored off-site and is accessible to more than one employee.

Clarify a Strategy for your Facilities

  • Think about using substitute locations, in case the main center of operation becomes unserviceable or inaccessible.

  • Locate an alternate meeting spot for the executive team.

  • Devise a security plan for individuals and property.

Go Over Your Payroll Processes

  • If relevant, make sure your vendors know what to do for payroll continuousness.

  • Team up with your vendors to make sure any employee data is kept secure at an off-site locality.

Verify Crisis Management Measures

  • Ensure involved parties understand their responsibilities.

  • Instruct others in the event supportive assistance is required.

  • Rehearse crisis communique with workers and customers.

  • Supply yourself with alternatives to standard forms of communication in the event phone lines, email or online platforms are inoperable or inaccessible.

Organize with Other Organizations

  • Plan together with other businesses in your building or industrial complex on how to continue operations in the event of an emergency.

  • Speak to first-responders and utility suppliers to familiarize them with your operation and place of business.

  • Talk to your business suppliers, shippers and other service providers about an emergency scenario.

Be Consistent in Your Planning

  • Go over your emergency strategies once a year or more and change as necessary.

  • Stage regular true-to-life drills.

Whether your business is in TX, FL, GA, SC or any other US state, PRIME Insurance is here to help you in face of a natural disaster. For more about CNA’s hurricane and emergency business risk control or tips from any other of the leading companies, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Summary:  Recent extreme weather patterns, like Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have businesses on edge. Follow Prime Insurance as we link with the leading providers to advise about risk control and recovery tips.


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