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EgyptAir and Why You Need Travel Insurance

The sudden disappearance of EgyptAir Flight 804, in May of 2016 held the world on edge. Whether the tragic crash was terrorist related or a mechanical failure is what investigators are still probing. For the rest of us, this crash and others since underscore a fear that all travelers share.

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Flight Accident Insurance Coverage

While airplane travel is generally safe, the risk of engine trouble or terrorism does exist. Many erroneously believe that the airline company is liable for damages. What they fail to realize is the complications involved and that in the event of an accident, timely compensation may in fact be compromised. For this reason, buying a flight accident policy before departure is a good policy - pun, definitely intended!

Flight Accident insurance provides immediate coverage of a ticketed passenger on a scheduled air carrier to predetermined beneficiaries. Benefits are payable if an airplane accident causes injury that leads to:

  • Death (one hundred percent benefit payment, corresponding to limits on coverage)
  • Complete sight loss to 1 or both eyes (typical benefit is fifty percent of limits for each loss)
  • Dismemberment of hand(s) or each foot (typical benefit is fifty percent of limits for each loss)

Loss claims must be submitted usually within a year of the accident’s occurrence.

For further information, about the EgyptAir catastrophe stay tuned to global news sources. For more on flight travel accident insurance, contact PRIME Insurance Agency of Lakewood, NJ.

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Overview: EgyptAir’s tragic disappearance has put flight accident insurance on the radar. Find out why you need it and how it protects in this informative article.


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