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Why Social Services Need All-in-One Insurance

The social needs of our communities are addressed by multi-faceted assistance. This includes: Abused Victim Shelters, as well as Animal Shelters: Big Brother and Sister Groups; Botanical Garden Groups, Caregiver Societies: Guidance Counselor and Referral Centers; Food Banks and Soup Kitchens: Group Homes that service the handicapped and  Centers catering to Seniors; Thrift Shops, Vocational Workshops and Youth Community Centers, as well as Halfway Housing and the like.

Why would non-profit organizations like these need coverage that is all inclusive? It’s because of the related insurance claims that providers receive.

Non-Profit Insurance Claim Case Scenarios


NJ Property Insurance
An abused women’s shelter experienced a kitchen fire that resulted in widespread smoke and heat damage to the property structure as well as the equipment therein. Due to its inability to properly provide for the needs of its recipients, the directors of the shelter found a temporary site that would serve its purpose for the time being. The group suffered a $75,000 property related loss.

NJ General Liability Insurance
A mother and son visited an animal shelter in order to adopt a pet. As the boy stretched out his hand to stroke a puppy, another dog attacked him. The boy received a dozen stitches at the hospital emergency room. The boy’s mother filed a pain and suffering lawsuit against the shelter, as well as an emotional trauma suit.

NJ Professional Liability Insurance
An elderly sanatorium patient developed a severe reaction following the administration of a pain reducing IV drip. The patient’s family sued the sanatorium for the pain and suffering caused to their loved one.

NJ Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance
One of the missions underscored by a non-profit religious group was to provide for the transportation needs of the home bound elderly.  A caregiver bringing a senior to her doctor’s appointment went through a stop sign and struck another car. Because of the accident, the senior suffered serious bodily injury. The senior sued the caregiver’s personal auto insurance policy. It was discovered that the amount the senior wished to win in the lawsuit would exceed the caregiver’s personal auto limits. For this reason, the senior brought a secondary claim against the religious organization’s Hired and Non-Owned insurance policy.


NJ Products Liability Insurance
A charitable organization’s thrift shop sold a sliding chair. The chair broke while the buyer was sitting in it. The buyer sustained bodily injury and sued the thrift shop for damages as well as pain and suffering.

NJ Abuse and Molestation Insurance
A volunteer at a Youth Association became a troubled teen’s mentor. The mentor received the parent’s written consent to accompany their son on a sleep-over camping expedition. While away from others, the mentor sexually molested the boy. The parents sued the Youth Association’s Abuse coverage for bodily injury, as well as mental coercion.

NJ Employment Practices Insurance
A nurse volunteered her services at a non-profit medical center. While on duty the nurse experienced several sexual encroachments from a volunteer physician. The nurse sued the center’s Employment Practices coverage for sexual harassment.

NJ Non-Profit Directors and Officers Insurance
The members of a community center’s board utilized a sizable donation to make a new car purchase for its director. This went directly against the wishes of the donor who had stipulated that the funds go towards the building’s improvement. The donor filed a misappropriation of funding lawsuit.

For more about non-profit social service coverage, speak to an experienced independent insurance agency that has your best interests in mind.

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Summary: Protecting the unprotected may come with a heavy price. Non-profit social service groups need special NJ commercial insurance coverage.


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