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How to Be an Effective Landlord

Pretty high on the list of priorities for the landlord is getting a good homeowners insurance policy on any property that is used as a rental.  After all, liability risks lurk in every nook and cranny. No matter what kind of excellent relationship you may think you have with your tenant, if he or she or any guests suffer damages or injury due to something that can be chalked up to your liability, you will be held accountable. That could lead to financial difficulty or even calamity without the supportive insurance coverage.

Then, there are the other things the landlord needs to know.

8 Smart Ways to Deal with Tenants:


  • Prior to renting out your property, field out the lemons. Check credit ratings, background and ask pointed questions to previous landlords regarding good standing, timely rental payment, house upkeep and the potential renter's social network. Look out for fake references by presenting questions that will demonstrate the man or woman as a genuine landlord, rather than a friend or relative.

  • Draft a customized lease that outlines essential terms. You may wish to use a standard rental agreement form and add on anything you wish to include and review it with an attorney for legal screening.

  • Aside from emergencies, establish prearranged hours when you can be reached by your tenant. 

  • Make a thorough inspection of the premises before your tenant moves in and have the condition documented and signed by the tenant so that at the end of the lease, you will be able to determine if there is a need to deduct any amount from the security deposit because of any subsequent damages.

  • Respect your tenants by speaking politely and treating them fairly.

  • Encourage your tenants to purchase renters insurance by explaining that your homeowners insurance policy will only cover the structure of the property and not the renters personal belongings or liability.

  • Maintain your property throughout the lease by making timely repairs so that you will establish yourself as a good landlord and so that your tenants will be unable to obtain legal rights to withhold rent, fix the problem themselves and then deduct the cost from the rent, move out without giving adequate notice or initiate a lawsuit for an injury that was incurred as a result of your neglegence.

  • Before resorting to legal proceedings with your tenant in regard to any dispute, try to work it out amiably by coming to a mutual understanding. 


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Summary: A successful landlord requires more than a good insurance policy. Find tips on effectively renting out your property here.



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