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What PRIME & ACE Insurance Can Do For Your House of Worship

Special Insurance Policy for Religious Organizations!

ACE Insurance Company is the leading insurance source for a wide-range of products and services. Rated A++, ACE is known for its strong financial footing, underwriting and claims management, as well as for its national and global presence.

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PRIME Insurance now offers an ACE policy that specializes in comprehensive coverage for churches, mosques, synagogues and others through a Business Owner Package.

Recognize these Insurance Claim Scenarios?

Non-profit Directors and Officers Insurance:

  • A church elder along with supporters comprised of the majority of worshippers established another church. In addition to this, the elder met clandestinely with his congregants and formulated a plan in pursuit of shifting the original church property to his ownership. The court’s verdict was against the elder who they determined had infringed on his obligation to the entire church where the majority’s concerns did not take precedence over the remaining memberships’. The conclusion: a return of the property to the former congregation with assessed monetary damages charged against the religious elder. 
  • As a result of a church’s membership growth, a new building commission was instituted. The mission was to locate a property suitable as a construction site for a larger church. The head of the new committee influenced members to agree upon the purchase of a certain costly lot. Shortly after the close of the deal, someone found out that the head of the committee had a personal fiscal reason for the choice of property. Certain members of the flock filed a lawsuit against the committee and its head for improper self-dealing, negligence and fraudulent behavior.  

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

  • Following church services, a worshipper stumbled on a chink in the flooring, fell down the stairs, and suffered a concussion.
  • While standing on top of a church chair to hang decorations, the church volunteer took a tumble. The resulting arm injuries required extensive hospital care.

Property Insurance

  • A fire resulted in water and smoke damage to a church’s structure, as well as to the office contents. Besides replacing furniture, fixtures, equipment and supplies, the church was also compelled to rent a room for services pending repair completion.

Pastoral Professional Insurance

  • A woman in a physically abusive marriage was counseled by her pastor not to seek a divorce, but to receive couple guidance. The woman then suffered extensive injuries inflicted by her husband. The woman sued both pastor and church for damaging advice.

Abuse / Molestation Insurance

  • A church teacher denied molestation accusations of a teenage student, but he was forced to leave his post until church scrutiny had been completed. In the meantime, it was revealed that the accusing student had a record of fabricating stories about others in relation to herself. This, in addition to the statements of those acquainted with the teacher verifying his good reputation contributed to a decision to allow him back to teaching. Notwithstanding this, the cost of defense was high.  

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

  • The church’s boiler had a crack that resulted in $9,000 of property damage, as well as a $1,500 bill for renting space in a neighboring institution during repairs and replacement.

Experience the Difference of the Comprehensive Religious Organization Coverage!

Follow PRIME Insurance as it offers the premiere religious institution insurance with key features and additional coverage options.

PRIME Insurance is a three-generation family-run independent agency. We’re proud partners with many of the leading companies in the industry – big names such as ACE, ASI, ASSURANT, CHUBB, CNA, FOREMOST, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, PROGRESSIVE, Safeco, StillWater, Travelers, USLI, ZURICH and more. With over 10,000 satisfied customers, we benefit policyholders by reviewing current coverage, as well as by shopping our wide network to locate customized policies at competitively lowest quotes.

PRIME Insurance provides all forms of nationwide coverage, including NJ travelers insurance, cheap auto insurance, low quote commercial umbrella insurance NJ,  flood insurance, NJ renters insurance, NJ homeowners insurance, NJ bonds, NJ workers comp, NJ life insurance and more.

Contact PRIME at, via email at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or by telephoning 732-886-5751.


Your religious organization needs specialized insurance for all the liability risks it faces. Now, PRIME offers comprehensive protective coverage through ACE! See how it can apply to your church, mosque, synagogue or any similar institution!


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