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For Most People In New Jersey, The Complexities Of Auto Insurance Can Be Extremely Confusing


My first accident occurred just where the experts say most do – close to home in Deal, NJ. As a new driver, barely old enough to own a license, I remember sliding gracefully into the car parked on our driveway and precisely following all the rules I had been taught about backing up – except, of course, the all important one, the one about looking into the rearview mirror…

As I reversed into the street, the inevitable actually occurred and the ostensible thundering din of my mother’s car and another one colliding into each other put me in shock-mode. Needless to say, it was a rather disoriented me that got out of the automobile and faced the orchestrated ‘music’ of the irate victim and my parents who had witnessed my irresponsible auto gaffe.

Young as I was, I learned the concept that would be my driving motto from that day on: G-d bless auto insurance NJ! After all, even with all the experience that years of post-adolescence provides, there’s no denying that, accidents still remain road mistakes that  – well- just happen…

For most people in this great state, the complexities of NJ auto insurance : the plethora of NJ auto insurance companies, insurance quotes, general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance and so on can be extremely confusing.

How do we make heads and tails of all of it?

Simply doing a little bit of research about the classic auto insurance in regard to cars, trucks, motorcycles and commercial vehicles actually will shed significant light on the matter.

First on your list of inquiries should be the amount of auto insurance that you are required to have. As in most states, you must have a minimum amount of liability insurance in New Jersey. In fact, in order to register your vehicle or renew you license, you must first provide proof of liability insurance. See for details.

When all is said and done, however, if you are the responsible party in an accident, the minimum of liability insurance may not get that far away, leaving you with the residue of a bill for a doozer of a headache in damages that you must pay out of pocket.

So, based on this, how much auto insurance do you really need? Surely, liability insurance is not enough – if only for the peace of mind!

To determine the true amount of auto insurance that you need in the state of New Jersey you will want to:

A)   Take the following individualized points into account:

-       What type of vehicle you drive

-       Who your passengers are

-       What type of driver you are

-       Where you drive

-       The worth of your assets


B)   Get the best possible deal by comparing auto insurance quotes.

Of course, for the average person, this, in itself is far from clear-cut and easy. Your best bet in acquiring a smart individualized insurance package is to contact a family-run, independent, NJ auto insurance agency, such as Prime Insurance.

PRIME Insurance Agency expertly talks to you, advises, guides and presents you with the preeminent options for the amount of insurance that you deem most appropriate to your needs. Then, it offers the auto insurance NJ quote based on the best price that is gleaned from their distinctive ability to compare leading insurance companies’ rates within just a few minutes.

Accidents do happen. Preparing yourself by purchasing the right insurance plan at the right price is the right thing to do. G-d bless auto insurance NJ!


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