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Ask the Agent: Homeowners Insurance and Mudslides

Mudslides are basically what the word implies: a mound of mud and similar substance that swiftly falls down the side of a mountain, hill or other steep incline.

Question: Where do mudslides occur?
Answer: Mudslides can occur in regions where there is substantial rainfall or rapidly melting snow. Vicinities that have undergone an extremely dry spell or areas where a wildfire has rendered a location devoid of vegetation are particularly susceptible to the occurrence once a torrent of rain ultimately lets loose.

Question: What can happen to a home that is line of the mudslide?
Answer: Plunging mudslides are very powerful. They are capable of uprooting whole trees, propelling gigantic boulders, ripping out power, gas and sewage lines and carrying away homes and surrounding debris on its downward journey. In the US alone, the annual cost of mudslides runs between two and four billion dollars.

Question: If my home would incur damages from a mudslide, would my homeowners insurance protect me?
Answer: Brace yourself because standard homeowners insurance generally does not cover related damages. The reasoning is the same for landslides, sinkholes and earthquakes’ occurrence: earth movement is not a covered risk. Under the terms of earthquake insurance, you would be covered for damages if the mudslide began as a result of an earthquake.

Question: Would flood insurance cover a mudslide?
Answer: Flood insurance would cover a mudflow, a flowing force of liquefied mud that streams into your home, causing damage. However, a mudslide composed mostly of mud and debris would usually not be covered by flood insurance or a standard homeowners policy.

Question: Not homeowners, not earthquake and not flood insurance. Tell me, what type of insurance would cover a mudslide?
Answer: You can acquire mudslide protection from coverage called ‘Difference in Conditions’. This policy also protects from landslide, earthquake and flood damages.

Question: What about mudslide damage to cars?
Answer: A comprehensive auto plan will provide coverage for mudslides and landslides, as well as floods and earthquakes.


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Summary: A mudslide and related disaster can cause devastating damage to your home or property. Get the facts from the insurance pros.


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