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When the Earth Quakes, Stay Safe!

Currently, no one can predict an earthquake. For that reason, an earthquake’s occurrence and associated damages and losses become all the more frightening. What would you do if you experienced the tremors of an earthquake? Because earthquakes can happen within every part of the US, it’s vital that you design a safety plan as well as acquire a protective earthquake insurance policy for you and your family.

Earthquake Safety Tips that Can Make a Difference

Prepare yourself

  • Reduce damage risk exposure by anchoring your furnishings and boiler to wall studs and by installing secure locks on cabinet doors.
  • Designate one ‘safe spot’ in every room of your home. This should be a place devoid of items that have the potential to fall.

  • Be prepared with a stockpile of essential food cans, first aid equipment, bottled water, anti-dust masks and eyewear, as well as a cordless radio and flashlights.

  • Acquaint yourself with how to shut off your gas and water main lines.

If you are at home when an earthquake begins

  • Drop: fall to the floor. Cover: shelter yourself under a table or desk. Hold: Grip onto your shelter.

  • Stay clear of furniture that can tip onto you.

  • Stay clear of window panes

  • Do not leave your home until the tremors have ceased and you have confirmed it is safe to go out.

If you are in bed when an earthquake begins, stay put while covering your head with your cushion.

If you are outside when an earthquake begins, run to a spot that is unobstructed by trees, buildings or power lines and lay on the ground.

If you are in a vehicle during an earthquake, drive slowly to an unobstructed spot and stay put.

Following an earthquake

  • Assess your situation; leave your location when safe, and stay clear of obstructions and damage.

  • In the event you are trapped:

-       stay put, avoid unsettling dust and wait until help arrives

-       use an available cell phone to call or text for assistance

-       knock on nearby hard surface, yell or whistle to alert rescue teams

  • When you are safe, listen for instructions from emergency info sources.

  • Prepare yourself for the possibility of aftershocksand the need to repeat the ‘Drop (fall to the floor); Coverage (shelter yourself under a table or desk) and Hold (grip onto your shelter) procedure.

PRIME Insurance, Earthquake Insurance that Protects

Trust PRIME Insurance for the protective plan that shields you in time of need. An experienced independent family-run agency with the accolades of the industry, PRIME has won numerous prestigious awards and been appointed to conduct direct business with over 40 of the leading companies. Of course, nothing could verify the PRIME’s excellence better than more than 10,000 satisfied customers already associated with PRIME.

HAVE A PRIME DAY™ ! For all forms of nationwide earthquake and other insurance plans, including NJ general liability insurance, auto insurance, home owners insurance, business insurance, workers comp, bonds, life insurance and more, visit us online at, email us at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or call us at 732-886-5751.

Summary: Earthquakes really can occur in any part of the United States. Be prepared and be safe and with these tips from PRIME Insurance Agency!


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