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How to Buy a Used Motorcycle Geared for Your Use

Motorcycles are not cheap. If it’s something you want and doesn’t fit into your budget, you might want to consider buying a used one.

Buying a used motorcycle can be a difficult task. These tips from the motorcycle insurance experts may help you navigate the used bike search easier.

The Used Bike Buyer – 6 Important Tips from Insurance Experts

  1. Determine your motorcycle needs.
    Will you be using your bike on a daily basis or only on the weekends? For longer distance or short fun rides? Speeding or leisurely runs? You can make your motorcyclw decision based on this. A standard motorcycle is intended for multi-purpose; a cruiser is crafted for easygoing riding and is equipped with simpler clutch-throttle management: the dual-sport motorcycle adjusts to on and off-road riding; a sport motorcycle is built for faster riding and usage; and the touring bike is made to journey and ride along the highway for extended times.  

  2. Examine the motorcycle before purchasing.
    It goes without saying that you can’t rely on the seller’s promise that the bike is in good condition. If you have the expertise, do your own inspection. If not, have someone knowledgeable look it over. All inspections should focus on the condition of the drive chain and sprocket, tires, brake and clutch levers, fuel tank as well as brake fluid level.

  3. Ask for the motorcycle’s history of repair and service.
    If the seller has this documented it will assist you in understanding new parts and service – and what may not be up to par.

  4. Arrange your affairs for purchase.
    Naturally, you’ll need a motorcycle license and insurance from a reputable source. It doesn’t hurt to enroll in related safety classes. You’ll also need to buy a well-fitting DOT-accepted helmet prior to riding.

  5. Go for a test drive.
    Wait for a good-weather day and test-ride on dry roadways. Begin by riding slowly, then speed up according to your comfort level. Keep in mind that brakes are not supposed to pulsate, but go smooth and evenly. Try out the gears by accelerating each of them. Remember that a motorcycle’s transmission needs to work smooth without any slipping.

  6. Negotiate the price sensibly.
    There’s no reason why you can’t make an offer lower than the asking price, but you should be aware that the seller probably has a particular amount he or she wants. Be mindful of the fact that you always have the option of walking away from the deal before buying the motorcycle.

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Summary: Buying a used bike is a great option for those that are looking for something less expensive than new. Get six smart tips on doing it right from the motorcycle insurance experts.



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