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How to Keep Your Dog Safe on the Boat

Whether your dog is your best or second best friend, when it comes to boat safety, there’s no difference. Just like your family members and guests, your pet needs to be handled with care by following specific boat-safe procedures.

The leading insurance companies offer these seasoned tips for boaters.

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Beyond NJ Boat Insurance: Canine Safety Tips

  • Purchase a life jacket that fits well on your dog. Make sure your pet wears it at all times while boating.

  • Include dog essentials in your general first-aid kit that should be on your boat. This should consist of antibiotic cream, as well as any medicine your dog needs.

  • Acquaint your dog with the boat by doing a short test run. Let him or her get used to swimming with the life jacket on so that in the event of an emergency, he will be well-trained to face water exposure with the added protection.

  • Review dog training with your pet to ensure he or she understands basic commands, such as ‘sit’, etc.

  • Link a string all across the sides of your boat and tie it to the dog’s harness. This should adequately secure him so that he can roam around on board without risking a fall into the water.

  • Place a net across the deck’s stanchion for additional precautions against falling overboard.

  • Discuss emergency strategy with family members. How would each one react if the dog falls into the water? Assign specific responsibilities for each person so that a dangerous overboard situation can be handled correctly.

  • Make sure you follow all local laws in regard to having pets on board.

Captain, mates and pets - all safe on board makes for happy boating! Ahoy, from your friends at PRIME Insurance Agency!

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Summary: Got boating fever? Before heading for your boat’s deck, make sure you have adequate boat insurance coverage and passenger – including dog - safety measures in place!


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