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Are You a NJ Metal Fabricating Business?

You Have Distinct Insurance Needs

Whether you are a big company that concentrates on bulk orders, a smaller enterprise dealing with customized orders, or a provider of both, your metal fabricating business has unique liability risks. Although we all like to believe that we are immune to risks, no one is infallible. Anything can happen at any time – to anyone.

Precise Coverage, Precise Protection

You’ve worked hard over the course of many years to build up your business. It just doesn’t make any sense to operate without the insurance that protects!

Metal Fabricating Business Coverage

  • Business Property Insurance

It doesn’t really matter if you own or rent space. The place where you operate your business is vulnerable to all sorts of unexpected occurrences like vandalism, fire or theft.  Property insurance covers you for damages and losses pertaining to:

-          Metal fabricating equipment

-          Computers

-          Furnishings

-          Your building or work space

-          Your neighbors’ property in the event of a fire that spreads
            from your warehouse

-          Finished metal products


  • General Business Liability Insurance

No matter how careful you are, you always run the risk of being sued. In the event you win the lawsuit you still are in the red because of involved legal costs. With business liability coverage, you can protect your metal fabricating business from claims filed against you for damages that were caused by your employees, products and specific services. Moreover, business liability insurance can help cover the cost of your defense.

  • Workers Comp Insurance

You know that the metal fabricating business is one of the most hazardous industries. This line of work poses a health threat to your employees. It can also lead to a fatal accident. Speak to your insurance agency to find out about all your options.

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  • Commercial Auto Insurance

In the event one of your workers drives your company’s car, van or delivery truck and is the cause of a collision, you may be set up for a lawsuit. Commercial auto insurance would protect you from:

-          Lawsuits in relation to the collision

-          Medical bills incurred from the collision

-          Vehicle damage as a result of the collision

This insurance protects any equipment that is in transit or is stored at a warehouse before being shipped to you. 

PRIME Insurance and the Metal Manufacturing Industry

Insurance can seem awfully confusing – especially in a high-risk industry like yours. Let us assess your business needs while educating you about the various coverage options and guiding you to a tailored protective insurance policy at a competitively low quote.

Associated with scores of the leading national insurance companies, we’ve got the resources to help you acquire an optimum plan. Visit us at, email us at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or give us a call at 732-732-886-5751.

PRIME Insurance provides all forms of coverage, including NJ auto insurance, homeowner insurance, business insurance, workers compensation insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and more.


Are you a metal welder or fabricator? No one has to tell you that your line of business runs the full gamut of insurance liability risks. See what PRIME can do for you.


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