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How do I Rid my Home of House Ants?

When ants become a problem in your kitchen, you will want to attack. Be aware though that simply squashing or squirting them in order to mete out immediate death will do you no good. This is because others will follow in their wake. The best way to eliminate the common odorous house ant is to get to the root problem by targeting the entire colony threatening your living space.

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Here are three home remedies to try.

Start by washing down the area that the ants travel so that their trail will be removed. Next, do some ground work to find out the spots where the ants are entering your home. Once you discover the entry points, lure the insects into a homemade concoction that they will bring back to the nest in order to infect the rest of the ant family with anti-ant toxins.


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The Borax/Sugar Mixture

1 part Borax
2 parts powdered sugar


  • Mix ingredients and pour into very small receptacles, like bottle tops.
  • Place these near the ant entry points.
  • Ants will be attracted to the sugar. They will bring the camouflaged poison back to the colony for ant elimination.

Warning: Do not try this method if you have children and pets that may ingest the poison.


The Cinnamon/Water Mixture

¼ teaspoon cinnamon essential oil
1 cup water


  • Blend cinnamon oil with water.
  • Saturate cotton balls with the mixture.
  • Wipe down spots where ants enter and live at least once daily until ants disappear.

The Vinegar/Water Mixture

1 part white vinegar
1 part water
Essential Oil


  • Blend vinegar and water.
  • Place solution in spray dispenser.
  • Put in several drops of oil.
  • Spritz mixture in entry spots, and areas where ants go.
  • Wipe dead and trapped ants with paper towel.
  • Throw paper towel away.
  • Do this once a day until problem is resolved.


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Summary: The ants come marching one by one in the springtime! What to do about the home invasion? These home remedies from the house insurance experts may serve you well.


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