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How to Prevent Woodpecker Home Pecks

Why Your Standard NJ Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover Damages

“It was amazing. Here I was; living in the center of a populated NJ township, and the peck-peck-peck that consistently woke me up at 5 in the morning was associated to the cartoon picture I had in my mind of the woodpecker. The reality of it was clear as the sun’s rising so early on in the day – this was no animated bird of feather; it was a full- fledged creature of nature that was wreaking havoc on my nerves as its beak began a scheduled storm on my home!”

There’s one hard-fast rule when it comes down to it. If you ignore consistent woodpecker’s tapping, it will probably not go away. In fact, the pecking will not just interrupt your peace, it can actually result in water pipe and air duct breaches, leading to eventual serious structural damage of you home. When that happens, don’t expect your NJ Homeowners Insurance coverage to pick up the hefty tab. Unless you have a purchased a special rider to woodpecker home damage,  you will need to ship out mucho dollars from your own pocket.

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You see, though home policies are drawn up in order to protect against catastrophic events, like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and large home and lawsuit liability damage, it does not pertain to situations that could have been prevented by good maintenance and preventive measures. Leaving a woodpecker to its own devices without your intervention puts you in a bad spot with the insurance companies and their policies.

So how do you prevent a woodpecker from bull’s eyeing your property?


Proactive responses include:

  • Using a motion-controlled sound device designed to fend off woodpecker influx

  • Installing protective wiring around areas of the home that lead to the rooftop

  • Placing red taping under rooftop soffits and round the guttering

  • Caulking and sealing cavities in the attic and round susceptible
    home siding, particularly, close to rooftop and windowing

  • Purchasing or constructing a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker roosting box that will attract woodpeckers away from your home

  • Employing a pest elimination company

Even if you have already experienced the woodpecker’s nasty peck-pecks, it’s never too late to begin your preemptive defense! And the dividends could actually save you your house!

For more on preventing home damage, speak to an experienced independent insurance agency.

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Summary: It’s not your imagination. That peck-pecking at your home probably is related to the consistent beak jabs of the proverbial woodpecker. Does your standard homeowners insurance cover the structural damages you may experience as a result?


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