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Drones Part of Your Business Operations? You Need Insurance!

The majority of today’s industries are giving drones a try in a variety of pioneering ways. Also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) or Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems, their use in military air strikes, firefighting, photography, surveillance, communication, agriculture, and delivery of food and goods offers many innovative benefits.

Along with all the advantages, come the risks. Thankfully, insurance coverage can help with physical damage, liability, aviation commercial general liability and non-owned aviation liability.

Chief Drone Risk Exposures

  • Mid-Air Collision
    Manned aircraft like helicopters, agricultural aircraft and landing and departing aircraft are at most risk from a drone collision

  • Foreign Object Damages
    Bird crashes and other foreign object collisions is the 5th highest originator of insurance claims

  • Loss of Control
    Drone loss of control can occur from a system failure or from going outside of the signal range or within an area that does not have communication

  • Malicious Acts
    The possibility of critical infrastructure being targeted by a drone is an increasing risk

  • Cyber Attacks
    This includes spoofing, hacking of radio signals to bring down or take control of a drone, as well as loss or theft of data security

  • Privacy, Trespass and Nuisance
    Drone owners are required by the Federal Aviation Administration to provide privacy to the public sector

  • Pilot Skills
    Many drone pilots and operators lack safety skills and experience, increasing damage risks

What industries do insurance companies currently service?

Here’s the list:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • General Contractors
  • Hospitality
  • Investigators
  • Home Inspectors
  • Manufacturer of Drones and Associated Products
  • Photographers
  • Real Estate
  • Schools
  • Special Events
  • Drone Training Providers, Flight Schools, Universities
  • Drone Suppliers and Distributors
  • Drone Repair and Service Centers


For more on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Insurance, contact an experienced independent agent.


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Summary: Commercial drone usage is on the rise, and so are associated exposures. Insurance can protect businesses from the related risks.