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How to be More Vigilant against Acts of Terror

Fl Mass Shooting and Terrorism Insurance

Former security guard, twenty-nine year old Omar Mateen entered a nightclub in Orlando, Florida and calmly proceeded to gun down as many lives as possible. In the wake of the tragic event, 50 people are dead and others gravely injured. Now, after a synagogue in Pittsburgh PA and San Diego, FL became recent targets of hate and  terror, Americans once again ask themselves how to protect themselves from such violence.

“If You See Something, Say Something”
Pointers on Protecting Ourselves from Terrorism

According to NJ counterterrorism sources, the primary venue in keeping ourselves safe is to develop a sense of awareness.  If you witness suspicious activity, report it immediately to the 24/7 hotline 1-866-472-3365 (1-866-4-SAFE-NJ).

Remember to specify the following when calling:

  • Activity you witnessed
  • Who perpetuators are
  • The location
  • Time of observation
  • Reason why you determined activity suspicious

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For more information about terror surveillance, visit

The Insurance Perspective

Does my insurance cover losses and damages related to terrorism?

Before September 11, 2001, our world seemed so different. Acts of terror were put into a low probability category. Insurance companies generally offered property-casualty ‘all perils’ coverage that included catastrophic loss, incorporating terrorism. Following the 9/11 attacks, terrorism was explicitly excluded from scores of business insurance policies, with coverage only available as an added ‘rider’ to a policy.

For an in-depth discussion on the topic and how it pertains to your individual NJ general liability insurance, homeowner insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, workers compensation insurance, bond insurance, travelers insurance, etc., contact an experienced independent insurance agency.

PRIME Insurance joins Americans nationwide in mourning the tragic loss of life that occurred during the Orlando, Fl nightclub massacre.

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Summary: Prime Insurance Agency of Lakewood, NJ joins Americans everywhere in mourning the tragic loss of life that occurred during the San Diego, FL attack and other targeted spots as it underscores the need for vigilance.


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