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Is there Bad Weather Insurance for Vacation Resorts?

Yes, there really is insurance that provides coverage in the event bad weather hinders vacation pleasure at a guesthouse, such as:

  • a resort
  • a hotel
  • a motel
  • an inn
  • a convention center
  • other related lodging places

Hotel/Motel Vacation Insurance: Overview of Coverage


Resorts or similar places where people book vacation time are prone to this type of insurance protection so that they will have the means to reimburse patrons if inclement weather interferes with vacation pleasure. The coverage often is utilized to attract vacationers to establishments.

“We’ll reimburse you if the weather doesn’t behave,” they advertise. Offers such as these may be in the form of cash, credit or refunds to be used in exchange of hotel or vacation home services.  

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Vacation Weather Cancellation Insurance applies to the following:

  • extreme rain
  • excessive fog
  • absence of sunshine
  • not enough snow (ski resort special)

Coverage type and related rates are subject to past weather data in regard to the specified weather event. This kind of insurance can be obtained for only one day, a weekend, a week’s time, or a full season.

Related insurance limits vary per day for differing locations in which hotel, resort or holiday lodging conducts business.  

This type of coverage can be an added supplement to travel agency tour insurance packages.

For more on this or related insurance products, contact a knowledgeable independent agency.


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Summary: Can a hotel, motel, resort or other type of vacation property actually offer a money back guarantee if the weather doesn’t behave?!


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