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How to Safely Survive a Storm’s Power Outage

High winds and flooding brought on by severe weather conditions can impact utility lines, leading to power outages.

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While a generator can be used to access electricity, there are definite safety issues that need to be explored. Yet, those without a generator, face obstacles that not only pose an inconvenience, but also a danger to wellbeing.

The following tips can help those in TX, LA, FL or any other spot following a hurricane or any other storm that causes a halt to utility power.

During a Power Outage

  • Opt for flashlight-use as opposed to candles. If this is not an option, take extra precautions with fire safety.

  • Do not approach or touch a downed power line.

  • Do not open refrigerator or freezer doors. Food can be kept cold in a refrigerator for approximately four hours and the temperature in a stocked freezer should remain at freezing point for about 48 hours if left closed.

  • If the weather is hot, drink lots of water and wear lightweight, light-colored apparel. Find a public place that is cool. Otherwise, go to the lowest and coolest spot in your home to wait out the power outage.

  • If it is cold, keep warm by wearing layered apparel. Consider going to another location that has heat. Do not attempt to use charcoal indoors as a cooking or heating source.


Following a Power Outage

  • Switch off or unplug any appliance that was on throughout the outage to avoid appliance or electronic damage from a possible initial surge of power.

  • Call your insurance company about making a claim in regard to related damages.

  • Discard food that has been stored in 40 degrees or more for a minimum of two hours or food that has a strange smell or appearance.

  • Wait until traffic lights are up and running and traffic is regulated before traveling with your vehicle.

  • Verify that the public water is safe to drink.

  • Speak to your medical professional about concerns about medicine spoilage.

  • Replenish your emergency kit with working batteries, medical equipment, bottled water, and nonperishable foods.


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Summary: It’s no surprise that a hurricane or any other form of severe wind, rain or snow storm can cause a power outage. Prime Insurance brings you quick tips on how to survive a related blackout.


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