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When the Lights Go Out in TX, FL, NJ or Anywhere

Quick Tips on Safe Homeowner Generator Use

Home owners and renters have come to know that electrical outages are a fact of life. Owning a generator has key benefits that many cannot do without and others refuse to do without.

But like anything, generators need proper maintenance so that they will operate optimally when you need them.

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Ten Ways to Power-On Safely


  1. Prior to generator use, install a home battery-run carbon monoxide alarm so that you will be alerted of improper fume channeling.

  2. Refer to your owner’s manual and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

  3. Speak to your insurance agent to make sure your homeowner insurance covers generator theft. 

  4. Check if your generator is running well by turning it on in a safe outdoor spot one time a month for approximately 10 minutes. Then, return it to your garage or safe storage space.

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    5. Always maintain an adequate generator fuel level so that when
        you need your generator, it will operate. Keep extra fuel handy for
        refill use.

    6. Make sure that your generator has enough oil by checking the level
        with a dipstick. Have a can of surplus oil handy in the event you
        need it.

    7. Designate a secure outside well-ventilated dry spot for your
        generator. Your generator should be placed at a minimum of ten
        feet away from windows, and doors with the exhaust pipeline
        directed away from your home. 

    8. After positioning the fuel valve to on, yank the choke valve to on.
       Press the control on-button to allow the generator to run. Then,
       let go of the choke.

    9. Connect the appliances that you wish to run on the generator
        power by plugging into an outdoor-approved extension cord.
        Then, plug the cord into your generator. (If you need to refuel
        after an extended period when house power is off, first make sure
        to turn off all connected appliances. Thereafter, turn off the
        generator and let the engine cool thoroughly before pouring in
        additional fuel.)

   10. Never over-load your generator.  Over-loading a generator can
         promote a fuse setback as well as electrical damages.


PRIME Insurance brings you this informative article as part of its ongoing educational series.

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Summary: When the lights go out in TX, FL, NJ or anywhere due to a power outage, you want your generator working optimally. Get ten easy tips on safe use and maintenance from PRIME Insurance.


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