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Want a Great Green Lawn?


“The best way to garden is to put on a wide-brimmed straw hat and some old clothes. And then with a hoe in one hand a cold drink in the other, tell somebody else to dig!”     Texas Bix Bender

No matter who does it - for lush green loveliness to adorn the front and back of your home, some chores simply can’t be ignored. Follow these easy fall-time guidelines and reap the spectacular rewards, come springtime!

MORE: how your homeowners policy advices you to do yard chores

Quick Tips to Enhance Your Lawn

  1. Repair summer’s sun, drought and traffic grass damage by seeding twice, once in the beginning of September and then again in beginning to mid-October when soil and moisture conditions are optimum
  2. Before seeding, mow existing grass as low as you can
  3. Break up clusters of soil’s bald spots
  4. Trash debris and dead turf


    5. Level all spots where water accumulates
    6. Apply quality grass seed (best suited to your areas climate)
    7. Following seeding, fertilize thin lawn spaces
    8. Ensure your roots are kept fresh and moist by watering often

PRIME Insurance, Homeowners Insurance

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Fall is that superb season when school’s back in session, the leaves turn colors, the days get shorter and your yard needs tending. Get the promise of a green spring by seeding now with these fast tips.


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