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How to Keep Your Workplace Liability Risk-Free

Minimizing NJ Workers Comp Claims, Bolstering the Workforce

Falls, injuries and, sadly enough – death:  these are the liability risks inherent to today’s workforce. Yet, there really is a way to minimize the risk exposure.  And it’s easier than you’d imagine. All it takes, in fact, is a resolve to maintain a clean and safe environment.

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Workplace Upkeep


The Problem: litter or moisture on the floor = fall risk  
The Solution: Address spills, leaks, garbage and clutter

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The Problem: utilization of unsuitable tools for the job = injury risk
 The Solution: Store all tools in an orderly fashion so that tool with applicable features can be used when need calls for it


The Problem: Combustible and flammable items = fire risk
The Solution: Disposal in proper manner

The Problem: Protruding nails and other sharp things = foot injury risk
The Solution: Confiscate or nail in perilous matter, have workers wear protective footwear


The Problem: Messy inventory stack = injury risk
The Solution: Secured and organized piles will eliminate threat of toppling merchandise

The Problem: Site where injury and falls occur = risk of repeated danger
The Solution: As per company policy, employees should report even minor accidents in order to allow for safety guards to be implemented to prevent further injury.


The Problem: Danger zones = accidents, injury risk
The Solution: Placement of cautionary signs, installation of mirrors and extra lighting

The Problem: Slippery flooring = falls, injury risk
The Solution: nonslip floor coverings


The Problem: Damaged flooring = fall risk
The Solution: Install new flooring

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Summary: The liability risks of the modern workplace that result in falls, injury and even death are manifold. Minimize the risk exposure with these simple maintenance tips from PRIME Insurance Agency.


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