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How to Prevent Home Damage from Heavy Rainfalls

Your home is your castle and fortress, shielding you from the outdoor elements. But what happens when the elements begin to damage that stronghold?

Heavy rain can and does create vulnerability to your property’s roof, windows and overall structure. Protect you home from nature’s downpours so it can continue to protect you!

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4 Smart Tips on Home Water-Damage Protection


  1. Periodically inspect your roof and its gutters for damages. Branches, hail stones and debris can impact them, resulting in gaps that allow water seepage and leaks.

  2. Don’t forget to check for water in places that you do not frequent. These include crawl spaces that may need a sump pump to force moisture out, and exterior siding, bricks, as well as doors and windows that may need to be resealed.

  3. Make sure your outdoor drain system facilitates heavy rain downpours so that your foundation will not suffer the effects. Take particular care of hilly parts on your property, as well as leaning trees where the stability of the land may be in question. Remove any leaves and debris that block storm drains.

  4. While a heavy rainstorm is in process, do not exit your home to check the exterior. Rather, watch for evident resulting damages on your home’s interior. Is water seeping in? If so, prevent flooding or further damage with temporary fixes, like placing a bucket under a leak. In the event of a serious flood in your basement, do not attempt to run down in order to tackle the problem just yet. Your safety and that of your family’s remain of paramount importance so stay high and dry until the storm has passed and you can call in the professionals for help.

To discuss your particular situation and how it pertains to rain damage and your homeowners policy, contact an experienced independent agency.


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Summary: It isn’t only hurricanes and tropical storms to worry about. Ordinary heavy rainfall can inflict severe damage on your home. Be prepared with these simple tips from the homeowners insurance experts!


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