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A Global Happy New Year to All!

Heartfelt Multi-Lingual Wishes from PRIME Insurance!

How do you say ‘Happy New Year’ to the world?

PRIME Insurance knows there are many forms to the greeting.


Afrikaans:  Gelukkige nuwe jaar    Albanian: Gëzuar Vitin e Ri   Bosnian:  Sretna nova godina   Dutch:  Gelukkig Nieuwjaar   Filipino: Masaya bagong  taon   French:  Heureuse nouvelle année    Hebrew: Shana Tova   Hungarian: Boldog új évet   Italian: Felice anno nuovo   Maltese:  Is-sena t    Norwegian:  Godt Nyttår    Portuguese: Feliz ano novo   Romanian: An nou fericit   Spanish:  Feliz año Nuevo   Swedish: Gott nytt år   Uzbeck: Yangi yilingiz bilan   Welsh: Blwyddyn newydd dda   Yiddish: A gut yuhr

It is our wish that the blessings of peace and prosperity be showered upon mankind forever!


As PRIME Insurance enters a new era of growth and success, we thank all of our customers for their continued patronage and invite newcomers to experience our trademark passion - epitomized by our unrelenting search for optimum individualized coverage at competitively lowest quotes.

PRIME Insurance provides all forms of nationwide coverage, including NJ cheap auto insurance, low quote commercial umbrella insurance NJ, Houston, TX commercial property insurance, flood insurance, vacant property insurance NJ, NJ renters insurance, NJ homeowners insurance, NJ bonds, NJ workers comp, NJ life insurance and more. We invite you to experience the PRIME difference by visiting us on our online insurance website , emailing us at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com  or by calling us at 732-886-5751.


Summary:  PRIME Insurance, focused on NY, NJ, PA, TX, FL, CA and all across the land as it wishes all a Happy New Year in the universal language of greetings!


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