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How to Spruce up Your Home the Easy Way

Spring’s arrival bathes our immediate landscape with a blooming new beautiful appearance. It goads us on to complement the fresh look in our homes by getting it as dust-free and spanking clean as we can. Use the extra energy inspired by the revitalizing season as well as these great tips to capitalize on making the most of spring’s house-work efforts.

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Spring-Clean the Inside of Your Home

  • Organize each room at time by storing items in groups and throwing away anything you do not need or use.

  • Clean your home windows when it is cloudy enough outside to obstruct the sun’s glare. The sun’s rays will speed up the drying process, resulting in streaked glass.

  • Perfect your sliding glass door cleaning by scrubbing the tracts as well. Use an old toothbrush as your tool to help release dirt. Afterwards, let your vacuum cleaner’s hose suck the debris up. Finish the job by sponging down the area.

  • Perform an annual wash-down of your walls, baseboards and door’s frames.

  • Have your rugs and broadloom cleaned once every year or year and a half.

  • Get assistance to move furniture and carpeting so you can give your hardwood floors a good vacuuming.

  • Recondition furniture by wiping with leather, or upholstery cleaners, or wood conditioners, depending on the type.

  • Take a short-cut to cleaning drapes by vacuuming with upholstery brush. Freshen up window sheers by placing them in the dryer on a low setting together with a sweet smelling softening sheet.

  • Dust light fixtures with a soft clean cloth. Clean lightbulbs only when they feel cool by wiping with a cloth that has been lightly moistened with vinegar or glass cleaner. 

  • Use a long handle dust wand for efficient dust busting in high areas.

Once you finish with your spring home-look lift, take time to go over your NJ Homeowners Insurance policy. Consult with your agency to advise about any gaps in coverage, etc.

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Summary: Got spring fever? Use it together with these smart tips from Prime Insurance Agency to do a thorough indoor cleaning.


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