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How to Best Protect Your Junior Sports League

Insurance for Non-Profit’s Risk Exposure

There’s nothing like getting the kids into organized sports activities. But when it comes to little leagues, there’s a whole lot more than good fun that's up to bat.  

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Claim Scenarios That Can Happen To Your Youth Sports Organization

  • NJ Property Insurance

Vandals managed to make their way into a community little league storage bin.  The crime included theft of all uniforms and a baseball pitching machine, as well as additional equipment used for games. Losses totaled $10,000.

  • NJ General Liability Insurance

Uncle Joe (fictitious name) was one of the avid fans at a junior baseball event. While cheering for his niece, the ball in the field ricocheted into the crowd and hit him in the head. Uncle Joe suffered a fractured head along with a blood clot. Uncle Joe wasted little time in filing a pain and suffering claim against the league.


  • NJ Hired / Non Owned Auto Insurance

Coach Bob (fictitious name) drove to the local sport goods shop to buy uniforms for the members of his soccer team. Before even getting to his destination, Coach Bob hit another car. The other driver incurred extremely serious injury and filed a suit against Coach Bob’s personal auto insurance policy that exceeded Coach Bob’s personal auto limits. As a result, a secondary suit was filed against the soccer organization.

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  • NJ Abuse and Molestation Insurance

The Smiths (fictitious name) were unable to bring their child to the playoff that would take place in another town. They accepted the coach’s offer to personally drive their daughter to the game. On the way, the coach sexually molested the girl. The Smiths sued the League for bodily injury as well as emotional duress. 

  • NJ Employment Practices Insurance

Mrs. Jones (fictitious name) volunteered to be financial officer of her daughter’s ball team. Two weeks passed. Then, the organization’s manager told Mrs. Jones that as a woman, she would be better in a secretarial position. The manager put the father of another player in charge of financial responsibilities in place of Mrs. Jones. Angered at the chain of events, Mrs. Jones filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against the organization. 

  • NJ Equipment Breakdown Insurance

A gym’s cast iron steam heater broke down as a result of low water. This caused $18,375 worth of property damage. It took a full week to finally install a new boiler. The upheaval caused the relocation of a few games. This, of course, added expense to the damages  -  $2,200 more.


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Summary:  All fun and games for the youth sports organization? Unfortunately, when it comes to lawsuits and insurance claims nothing could be further from the truth.


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