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NJ Vacant Building Insurance

Why You Need Specialized Coverage

Why does a vacant building need special focused insurance? It’s because it has unique exposure to liability risks...

Vacant Building Claim Scenarios

Imagine the following happening to you…

Property Insurance

  • Some bored teenagers enter your vacant building and they vent their frustration upon it, resulting in $15,000 of damage.
  • You rejoice at the opportunity to have your vacant building occupied after signing a lease with a new tenant. Just a couple of days prior to this new tenant’s move into your building, lightning hits the property resulting in significant damage to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.  Due to this, the tenant has to push off his move. Two weeks are needed for the repair.  During that time, you suffer $4,000 property loss and $1,200 of rental income loss.
  • Some homeless people occupy your vacant building during a hurricane and start a fire to keep the cold out. The fire grows dangerous and damages your building, resulting in a $300,000 loss.
  • Ravaging winds tear segments of your vacant building off. Water enters and causes $138,000 in property damage.


General Liability Insurance

  • A little girl trips over a crack in the front sidewalk belonging to your vacant building. The child suffers a fractured ankle, resulting in $4,500 of doctor and hospital bills.
  • The watch dog you leave as a guard to your under-construction vacant property runs off and bites a young boy riding past the premises on his bike. The boy requires stitches on his face, resulting in $103,000 in medical costs. The boy’s parents file a lawsuit, concluding with a settlement. Besides the agreed upon recompense, you are strapped with a $7,000 defense expenditure.
  • A segment of metal from your vacant building’s roof falls onto a pedestrian. The victim suffers extensive back and neck injuries and cannot go to work.  The injured man sues you for $300,000 in medical costs and lost wages as well as another $40,000 in related expenses. The claim is settled before going to court with $40,000 payable to defense.


Equipment Breakdown Insurance

  • The cast iron boiler in your vacant building’s basement breaks down due to a low water situation, resulting in $12,760 property damage.

While the above examples are taken from real events, all you need to do is close your eyes to imagine dreadful possibilities of other related situations.

“My friend told me about PRIME Insurance Agency of Lakewood, NJ. I got connect there with broker,  Eli Pollak, who guided me to a Vacant Property Policy that was better than any other plan I had encountered.  Besides, it also came with a lower quote. The entire coverage acquisition was completed in a few brief minutes!”      PRIME Insurance Vacant Insurance Policy customer S. S.

Anything can happen to a vacant building. Don’t be a sitting duck to the risks.

PRIME Insurance’s Passion to Protect

It’s the passion behind our insurance that property owners like you want and get. Not just there to sell you a policy, we’re focused on your individual circumstances, your unique risks and locating precise protective coverage. Extensive experience in the niche has taught us a great deal about your needs. Visit us online at, email us at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or call us directly at 732-886-5751 for a rare form of premium service, quality and competitively low quotes.

PRIME Insurance is a multi-industry award winner, authorized to do direct business with 43 of the leading insurance companies. Recognized for more than just NJ homeowner insurance, NJ auto insurance, NJ commercial property insurance, NJ life insurance, NJ bond insurance, etc, PRIME’s reputation for providing nationwide insurance across the spectrum has earned it the name of  excellence that customers near and far keep coming back to.


If you are a vacant property owner, you know you have more liability risks than average. Experience the better insurance difference at PRIME Insurance.


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