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Merging Multiple Insurance Policies Together for the Elite Consumer

The Power of One in Protecting Your Assets

Do You Own Multiple Homes, Each in a Different Location?

Here’s the scenario:
You divide your time to reside in the various homes you own around the country, such as Deal, NJ; Vale, Colorado; Naples, Florida; Hollywood, California or any other communities of prestige. Though you enjoy your lifestyle, you recognize the need for insurance protection that conforms to the unique value of your wealth and assets.

Things sure can get out of hand simply dealing with the headaches of finding precise coverage, paying the various premiums and setting aside time at different intervals of the year when renewal issues need to be addressed!

PRIME Gets You a Master or Bundled Policy When Others Can’t!

PRIME Insurance understands your frustrations.  While other agencies may have difficulty in offering a Master Policy or bundling deductions, PRIME’s extraordinary relationships with the leading insurance companies it deals with provide opportunities to merge multiple homeowners insurance – even multiple auto and watercraft insurance – into one great all-encompassing package.


Number 1 Never Looked So Good!

PRIME’s Master / Bundled Policy gives you the peace of mind that comes with

  • Comprehensive coverage that’s  tailored to your exclusive needs and wealth
  • Money-saving discounts
  • One simplified bill

You’ve climbed the ranks of success to get where you are. Keep life uncomplicated as you secure what you’ve worked to achieve. Contact PRIME at and experience what few others can provide - the Power of One!

You are an elite insurance consumer, enjoying exclusive assets and wealth. See what PRIME’s Power of One can do to merge all of your high-value homeowner policies into a unified bundle of coverage, savings, and premium bill.


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