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Fire it Up the Safe Way on Independence Day

We’re told never to play with fire, but the Fourth of July is one day where celebrations actually entail lighting it up. NJ Homeowners Insurance professionals advise brushing up on safety tips to keep this American tradition as hazard-free as possible.  

How to Enjoy 4th of July Fireworks without Liability Risks

  1. Review fireworks laws in your region before planning a display.

  2. Check with your independent insurance agency if your NJ homeowners insurance covers liability risk before hosting a fireworks show.

  3. If you are planning on hosting a firework display, use fireworks designed for amateur use. Brown papered fireworks are made specifically for trained professionals.

  4. Assign a grown-up to oversee the firework display at all times.

  5. Reserve the responsibility of lighting any form of fireworks solely to adults.


    6. Upon lighting, direct the fireworks straight upwards towards the
        open sky without blocking it with your hand or any other body

    7. Immediately after lighting, step safely back away from the
        ignited piece. 

    8. Ignite each piece separately. For safety’s sake, avoid using several
        at one time.

    9. After attempting to ignite any form of fireworks that does not
        catch, do not light it again or handle for a minimum of twenty
        minutes afterwards. Do not light again after drowning it in water.

  10. Drench wayward flares with water. Do the same for any fireworks
        that have been already used prior to discarding.

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Summary: PRIME Insurance wishes you a Happy Fourth of July! Before lighting up fireworks, review this essential safety check list!


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