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Insurance Scores: What They Are and How They Affect Coverage Rates

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You’ve heard the ‘insurance score’ term before. You may not be sure what it means and what it has to do with your insurance rate. Follow PRIME Insurance as we give you a concise explanation about the concept.

A Tale of Two Homes

John and Bob are two homeowners living side by side in Hoboken, NJ.  Both men’s homes have the same square footage, with similar layouts and almost identical looking exteriors.

John really never gave his $1,300 NJ homeowner insurance premium a second thought until he heard a casual comment about Bob’s homeowner premium. Bob was paying a rate of $700, which meant John was paying $600 more on a homeowner policy for an identical home!

Why the clear price discrepancy from the same insurance agency?

PRIME Insurance Clarifies

Though John thinks his home is identical to Bob’s, there may be underlying personal insurance scores leading to the insurance company’s rate determination. These include:

  1. A tenant living within the home
  2. A history of Insurance claims filed for home damage
  3. Personal credit score rankings

Just as every homeowner is unique, so are his or her coverage requirements and premium amount. For more information about insurance scoring and how it affects your coverage, visit reputable professionals who know how to answer your questions and concerns, and provide the policy that meets your needs at competitively low quotes, while having your best interest in mind.

PRIME Insurance is an A++ agency, has won multiple industry-related awards and networks with the most nationally-recognized insurance companies. Known for the superiority of its NJ general liability insurance, auto insurance, homeowner insurance, business insurance, umbrella insurance, life insurance and more, PRIME can be accessed online at, via email at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or by telephoning 732-886-5751.

*PRIME Insurance provides premium insurance plans at competitively low rates to individuals and businesses throughout the US, including AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE,FL, GA, NJ,NY, PA, TN, TX.


Riddle: Two homeowners may own what appears to be identical homes and have identical NJ homeowner insurance coverage. Why does one have a higher premium than the other? PRIME Insurance Agency provides the answer.



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