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National Backwards Day: Fun in NY, NJ, PA

In case you didn’t know it, Sunday January 31st is a very important holiday. National Backwards Day presents a rare opportunity to build up your confidence. After all, when was the last time you were correct when you did things the contrary way?

So now that the introduction has been made, here are some fun examples you may choose to incorporate in observance of the day:

  • Walk on your hands

  • Wear your clothes inside-out

  • Put gloves on your feet and socks on your hands

  • Eat steak for breakfast and scrambled eggs for supper

  • Recite a poem from bottom up

  • Say a song, instead of singing it

  • Be polite with ‘you’re welcome’ when you should be saying ‘thank you’ and vice versa

  • Prepare batter of your favorite cake and instead of baking it just enjoy it as is

  • Give a hug to someone you dislike and you may actually become friends!


Use your ingenuity to observe the day because, gentlemen and ladies; girls and boys, the creativity of National Backwards Day depends entirely on your own limits!  Do your own thing and, above all, have NUF (FUN written backwards)!


PRIME Insurance joins in on the fun this National Backwards Day with relevant words. See if you can decipher these:

  1. EMIRP
  2. ecnarusnI
  3. ycengA
  4. egarevoc
  5. ycilop
  6. emoh
  7. otua
  8. allerbmu
  9. ssenisub
  10. pmoc srekrow
  11. efil
  12. dnob
  13. ytilibail lareneg
  14. laicremmoc
  15. setouq tsewol
  16. segamad
  17. sessol
  18. ksir
  19. erusopxe



Word Key:  1. PRIME   2. Insurance   3. Agency   4. coverage   5. policy   6. home   7. auto   8. umbrella   9. business   10. workers comp   11. life   12. bond   13. general liability   14. commercial   15. lowest quotes   16. damages   17. losses   18. risk   19. exposure 

PRIME Insurance Agency encourages community involvement by posting article of interest like this one on our blog.  Intent on tailoring your insurance needs optimally, we’ve been recognized by the industry with prestigious awards and by being appointed to conduct direct business with scores of the leading insurance companies. Providing all forms of nation-wide coverage, including NJ general liability insurance,  homeowners, car, renters, condo, commercial, workers compensation  and more, PRIME currently services over 10,000 satisfied customers.

Visit us online at , email us at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or call us directly at 732-886-5751.and discover the right way to purchase insurance!

Summary: PRIME Insurance Agency presents one of the zaniest holidays ever: National Backwards Day on January 31st! See how you can celebrate!


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