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Own a Pet Care Store?

Make sure you have the right insurance coverage!

You deal with a variety of pet related products. You’re used to lively human chatter along with the all types of animal sounds that accompanying four-legged friends utter. The unexpected clamor associated with ugly insurance claims is not what you’d like to be confronted with. But claims are a fact of life. Read on and discover why it is so important for a pet supply shop owner to have proper coverage.

PRIME Insurance Highlights Pet Care Product Claim Cases

What if?

  • Property Claim: A small fire started by faulty wiring in your shop’s building turns into an all-out blaze, causing $50,000 of damage to the structure and your supplies. That’s not the end of your troubles, however. Your pet store must be closed for a month’s time due to what ensued, leading to an added loss of income.
  • General Liability Claim: Though countless customers have come in and out of your store over the course of your operation, one customer that has brought his pet with him stumbles and collapses across your entrance steps. Now you must deal with a customer who suffers from a resulting fractured arm and $2,500 of medical bills that tie in. In addition, because this customer fell right over her golden retriever who sustained a bruise to its leg, there is an additional $500 of veterinarian bills.
  • Professional Liability Claim: You’ve been performing pet pedicures for the longest time but that doesn’t mean all jobs will be perfect. As you groom one particular canine’s toenails, you accidentally clip too short. One of the dog’s nails develops an infection. The pet owner is infuriated and initiates a lawsuit against you for $5,000.
  • Inland Marine Claim: You’re not exactly sure how it happened, but happened it did. One dog under your facility’s watch broke out of its enclosure and ran out into traffic. The dog was killed. The grieving pet owner sues you for the dog’s monetary worth: $2,500.
  • Equipment Breakdown Claim: During business hours, you and your employees used so much hot water that the water heater’s piping broke. Thus begins your four-hour forced business closure.

PRIME and the Pet Supply Business Owner

If you are a pet supply business owner, you have friends at PRIME Insurance. Experienced with all sorts of claim scenarios you may encounter, we are impassioned about helping you get the protection you deserve.  With a network of 43 nationally-acclaimed insurance companies (MetLife, AIG, FOREMOST Insurance Group, CONVENTUS, American Reliable, etc.), we have the resources to find tailored coverage with a quote that’s sure to please. Find us at, email us directly at prime [at] primeins [dot] com, or give us a call at 732-886-5751.


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