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Glad to be at Home: Bliss of a Snow Day

A PRIME Insurance Blizzard Special

As kids across NY, NJ, PA, and other spots in the northeast press their noses to window panes, there’s a wistful prayer they share: “Please let it snow – a lot! So much that school will be closed!”

Current prevalent forecasts and coastal warnings announce precisely the conditions.

While the actual timing of the grand snowfall may disappoint parents, the following intriguing points may offer some form of entertaining compensation for the inconvenience.

Five Fun Facts about School Closings


  1. Educators insist that a few missing days in the academic calendar do not hurt curriculum much; it is when stormy weather repeats itself too often that the lost time impacts overall education.
  2. While the big concern about school closings is loss of teaching time, findings claim that keeping school open during bad weather actually hampers learning more. With a big gap in school attendance during a major snowfall, educators eventually have to simultaneously deal with those who were able to advance by making it to school and those who lagged behind as a result of missed school time. Not a very productive system!
  3. In some schools, teachers prepare for the likelihood of school closings resulting from inclement conditions by assigning homework. Some educational centers have even tried to implement online teaching by lending laptop computers and tablets to students.
  4. School and transportation administrators consider student and personnel travel safety, traffic congestion and power outage possibilities before determining school closings. Three of the main factors contributing to the decision are the amount of fallen snow, the duration of the snowfall and the forecast of how deep and heavy the snow will actually become. In some parts of the country, educators weigh in on the risk exposure to kids walking to school or waiting at a bus stop in extreme cold and icy conditions.
  5. There are those that think the school year should be extended beyond the standard ending date in June to accommodate the missed scholastic progress during snow days. Those opposed are not just the students, though; teachers, as well, do not appreciate missing summer vacation days! 

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PRIME Insurance Agency – an Individual Approach

At PRIME, we’re focused on a holistic approach to our interaction with the NJ public and beyond. Emphasizing the individuality of each situation, we empower customers by helping them evaluate their specific needs while educating them about the various protective general liability insurance, homeowners, auto, business, umbrella, workers comp, life, bonds and other policies. Then, we scout our broad market of underwriters to present the most appropriate plans – at competitively lowest quotes.

Appreciating the person behind each client, we also offer pertinent informative articles about safety, current events, and insurance products. In light of weather warnings for the Tri-State area and beyond, we bring you this ‘fun fact’ article as part of our daily blog selection.

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Summary: It’s not just excellent insurance that PRIME broadcasts! As weather forecasts in NJ and around warn us to take precautionary measures, we bring you fun points about the potential of school snow days.


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