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Own A Business? Get Boosted NJ Insurance Coverage!

Business Insurance Policies that Make a Difference

PRIME Insurance is proud to partner with Travelers Insurance Company to offer something new: enhanced coverage for Business Owner Insurance!

Experience a ‘blanket’ insurance policy from one of the leading NJ insurance companies. With this policy that incorporates boosted limits, you are protected from a greater selection of business liabilities. Aside from this, you have the freedom to apportion the amount of coverage according to your limits, in the manner you choose, when you need it.

Patricia’s Business Insurance Example
Ordinance or Law Loss of Value to Undamaged Portion of Building

As the owner of a building that is leased for commercial office space use, Patricia decided to enhance her NJ business insurance with a Travelers Insurance Company Power Pace Premier Coverage offered by PRIME Insurance Agency.

Good thing she acquired the better insurance coverage when she did!

Not long afterward, when a fire caused a significant loss of property damage that involved more than 50% of the building, local authorities demanded that the undamaged portion of the building be torn down along with the damaged part. If Patricia would have still been under her previous standard business policy, she would have not been prepared for this unexpected chain of events. The Power Pac Premier insurance came through for Patricia, arranging coverage of the loss in value of the undamaged portion up to the limit she was insured for.

Q: Who else can benefit from this type of insurance coverage?

A: Banks and other lending institutions and guarantors typically want this form of insurance coverage for protection from related financial liability.

Don’s Business Insurance Example
Utility Services – Including Overhead Transmission Lines

Don opted for the Power Pac Premiere insurance policy for his tailoring business. How grateful he was to PRIME Insurance for having offered it after the he experienced the effects of a hurricane! In Don’s case, a tree had fallen onto the overhead transmission lines, causing a power outage! The ensuing forced loss of business could have been financially devastating for Don had it not been for the insurance protection of his policy. Don was covered up to $25,000 on the terms of his plan that included interruption of utility services to his location.

PRIME Insurance: Getting Your Business Comprehensive NJ Insurance Coverage

You’ll want to find out more about the excellent insurance options that PRIME now offers. Visit PRIME’s website at, or contact PRIME business insurance expert Zurich Spero at zurich [at] primeins [dot] com or at his direct line at 732-886-5751, extension 206.


What business owner wouldn’t want boosted coverage in relation to damage and losses? Discover an innovative form of NJ business insurance coverage that puts you in the lead.


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