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How to Deal with the Office Air Condition Chill

It's the end of July and you're freezing - not because you happen to be vacationing in the Arctic region but because of the office air conditioning in the middle of the summer.

The scenario is one that is shared by many in a business atmosphere. While adjusting the thermostat might be the appropriate answer, the fact that there are fellow workers that are perfectly comfortable with the air condition’s setting compounds the problem.

How do you keep warm when the office air conditioning makes you feel cold?

Here are some simple ideas that we’ve pooled together from NJ insurance employees:  

  • Keep a sweater handy.
    While you won’t need the extra layer of clothing outside in the sweltering heat, a sweater, hoody, shawl and/or fingerless gloves will help keep the cold at bay at the office. Alternately, if you start feeling warm, the pullover or wrap can easily be removed.

  • Drink hot beverages.
    Keep the coffee, tea and any other hot drink at your desk to warm your insides. Wrapping your hands around the hot cup has benefits as well.


  • Drink cold beverages.
    You read right. Drinking cold fluid helps constrict blood vessels. This in turn warms you up.

  • Move around.
    Stretch your legs at your desk. Do some ankle and wrist turns. Use your break to walk around indoors – as well as the warmer outdoors. Physical activity is a natural body warmer.
  • Keep a personal heater at your desk. Turn it on to warm your immediate area and keep you comfortable when you feel cold.

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Summary: It's 92 degrees Fahrenheit outside and you are freezing at your desk in the office. Tips on how to keep in warm in an air conditoned office here - from some insurance workers who know the feel!


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