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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Ever Wonder Why Life is Absolutely Amazing?

With all of its ups and downs, there’s no denying that life is something to celebrate. Find some of the most remarkable things about the wonders of living below!  

Life Un-Covered!

  • A newborn has three hundred bones; upon reaching adulthood, he/she has only 206

  • The feet have ¼ of all the bones in the body

  • A typical individual uses the equivalence of 14 days of his lifespan to wait for the red light to change

  • In the state of Nebraska, it is unlawful to belch or sneeze inside a house of worship

  • It is not possible to keep your eyes open while sneezing

  • Life insurance helps you give loved ones financial stability in the future

  • If a bee were to make a pound of honey, it would need to gather pollen from two million blossoms

  • Only eleven percent of people are lefties

  • Five million – that’s approximately how many times a person breathes per year

  • The typical US resident uses 18 months of his or her lifetime viewing TV commercials

  • Less than 40 percent of Americans partake in a daily breakfast

  • The world’s populace is projected to increase to fifteen billion in 64 years

  • You use more calories to chew, swallow and digest a stock of celery stock than the stock is actually made of

  • The tongue is the most powerful muscle in the human makeup

  • Food comes in all glorious colors except for blue

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Summary: The typical American uses the equivalence of 14 days of a lifespan to wait for the red light to change. Find this and other interesting tidbits about day-to-day life in this interesting piece by PRIME Insurance Agency!


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