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Appreciate All You Have on Thanksgiving…and Every Day

Thank you: in Spanish, it’s gracias, in Hungarian, it’s köszönöm, in French, it’s merci and in Hebrew, it’s todah. In all languages, saying thank you is the expression of gratefulness. This Thanksgiving eve, we, at PRIME Insurance, wish to say thank you to all our patrons while highlighting the benefits of gratefulness (bet you didn’t know it’s good for you!).

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Being Grateful Benefits Your Physical and Mental Health!

Count Your Gifts!

  • Studies have proven that developing a sense of gratitude as well as other positive feelings may lower stress-related hormones such as cortisol.
  • A report involving 400 individuals with sleep disorders revealed that those who made inventories of events to be grateful for improved their sleep habits.
  • Tapping into a sense of appreciation and making a list of events to be thankful for may lower blood pressure and heart rate inconsistency.
  • Those who have cultivated gratefulness tend to be non-smokers.
  • Having a sense of gratefulness and positivity can lead to an improved immune system with a surge in white blood cells that combat illness.
  • Being grateful is found to diminish negative feelings like jealousy, anger and sorrow.
  • Gratefulness diminishes the risk of melancholy and depression.
  • Gratefulness empowers one to empathize with others.
  • Being thankful for things in life can dispel the effects of a traumatic experience.
  • Gratefulness bolsters self-confidence.

PRIME Insurance Wishes All Americans a Happy Thanksgiving

Like many of the businesses that we deal with, we’ve come quite a distance since our humble beginnings – and it’s something we’re exceptionally thankful for. After kicking off our agency in a small home garage, we moved to a chain of store-front offices and from there into the state-of-art, ultra-modern building that accommodates all of our insurance professionals. Within this extraordinary epicenter, we look forward to an unprecedented era of insurance excellence! Visit us for all forms of first-class coverage: auto insurance, homeowners insurance, business and commercial insurance, workers comp insurance, life insurance and more.

For comprehensive insurance at competitively low quotes that you’ll appreciate, contact PRIME online at,, vial email at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or by calling call us directly at 732-886-5751. 


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