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9 Fun Facts about Hurricane Names

Though Hurricane Sandy was anything but fun, I couldn’t get over the fact that my neighbor and good friend was connected to the fast moving tropical storm by sharing the very same name.

The relationship didn’t add much to her popularity. On the contrary, anyone new whom she was introduced to shortly after the hurricane didn’t mince words about the aversion to her name.

How the tradition of naming hurricanes came about may be the one entertaining thing about something so destructive and devastating as these types of tempests.

Did You Know? 

  1. Though documented history of hurricanes point to names based on latitude and longitude, the more precise practice of designating human female names to identify the individual storm started in the early 1950s.

  2. Hurricanes are the only storms that are classified by names.

  3. With the rise of feminism, the sole use of women’s names was looked down on and by the late 1970s male names were used as well.

  4. Hurricane Sandy has the dubious distinction of changing the entire property insurance perspective in NY, NJ and CT!

  5. Presently, each hurricane name has a 6-year rotation, with the exception of hurricanes that incur extraordinary damages and costs and are assigned new names (like Sandy!).  

  6. Hurricanes are identified by names in the English, Spanish and French languages.

  7. As of 1954, the World Meteorological Organization has withdrawn 78 names associated with hurricanes.

  8. There are twenty-one official names to be used for hurricanes in a given year. Only once, in the 2005 hurricane season, did the number of hurricanes exceed the amount of available names. With 28 hurricanes that year, seven new names were given, according to the Greek Alphabet.

  9. Of all hurricane names, ‘Arlene’ is the name most used since 1954.

As we ride the rough tide of the 2018 Hurricane Season, Prime Insurance’s thoughts and prayers are with those affected.


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Summary: Prime Insurance brings you fun facts about hurricane names. 


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