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Why Your Mini-Mart/Gas Station Needs Tailored Insurance

It happened in a St. Lois area Missouri Gas Station.

A minivan pulls up to fill up. Without thinking, the driver drives off with the gas nozzle still attached. The nozzle breaks off, causing a stream of spraying gasoline.

As the driver of a blue Lamborghini that had stopped at the station as well is inside to pay for his gas, he notices a gigantic ball of fire in the spot where his luxury car just stood.

The spraying gas has caused the Lamborghini to erupt in flames. The car was completely destroyed. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this unintentional occurrence, determined to be an accident by authorities.

Lawsuit, anyone?

Combo Convenience Store, Variety Store and Gas Station Insurance

Owners of this type of combination convenience/variety store and gas station face the many risks associated with the assortment of merchandise they carry, and the coming and going of customers. Exposures can include theft, inventory and property damage, as well as those involved in auto repairs, car washes, gas sales, liquor sales, etc.

These businesses can get standard coverage for Commercial Property and General Liability Insurance.

The following coverage may be provided through specialty insurance markets:

  • Liquor Liability Insurance

  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Insurance

  • Crime Insurance

  • Workers Compensation

For more on convenience store/gas station insurance, speak to us at PRIME Insurance Agency.

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Summary: Owners of combination convenience store/gas stations need both standard and specialty insurance coverage.


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