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How to make Your Teen a Cell-Phone-Free Driver

For NJ and NY auto insurance companies that deal with road crashes on a consistent basis, it’s clear as day that cell phone distraction is one of the main causes of accidents.  

According to a National Safety Council report, about 330,000 vehicular-accident injuries and 3,300 vehicular-fatalities occur annually because of cell phone use while driving. If you are looking for simpler terminology to explain what many call an outright road crisis, consider this: one of four automobile collisions is a result of texting while driving - with teen drivers being a grossly over-represented statistic in the equation.  

As a parent, you have a responsibility to set a good example. Show your teen driver that you take driving safety seriously by never talking or texting on your cell phone while operating your vehicle. In addition impress upon your young motorist the following tips:

  • Switch your cell phone on the off mode when driving. This way, you will not deal with any temptation of picking it up when it rings or vibrates.

  • Notify your friends when you will be driving so they will understand you will not be available to answer their calls or texts at that time.


  • Should the need to speak or text on your cell phone become a pressing matter, wait till you can veer off to a safe spot on the side of the roadway before doing so.

  • If you must keep your phone on, have one of you passengers answer a call instead of you.

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Summary: NJ and NY auto insurance companies underscore this statistic: teen drivers are grossly over-represented when it comes to accidents that occur as a result of cell-phone distractions.


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