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PRIME Insurance and National General: Coverage Options that Work

National General ranks high among the leading insurance companies that PRIME deals with, giving customers the full spectrum of premiere service.

The Claims Process for NatGen Premier Auto Insurance


Frequently Asked Questions about NatGen Premier

Q: What is the time frame for an auto claim process?
A: The greater detail an auto policyholder provides about an accident, the smoother and quicker the claim settlement will be. An insurance claim that entails complicated settlements, like disputes over liability, will involve lengthier times to process. However, the overall aim is to process your claim accurately within the quickest time possible.

Q: What is the reason that payment is less than the estimated cost of repairs?
A: The policyholder must first pay an out-of-pocket deductible. Following that, NatGen Premier pays the balance.

Q: Why is the name of the lienholder on the check received from the claims department?
A: A number of US states obligate the insurance company to place the lienholder on the payment. The reasoning for this is that the lienholder has an insurable interest in the vehicle’s repair job. In this case, the policyholder must first contact the lienholder for information about releasing the funds for repair work.

Q: What does Direction of Payment mean?
The majority of auto repair shops have a Direction of Payment form that needs to be signed. Once you place your signature on the form, you assign permission to the insurance company to pay the repair shop directly.

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Q: What is the NatGen procedure in regard to rental cars while the insured car is in for repairs?
In the event a vehicle is inoperable or the driver needs to rent a car while it is being repaired, the insurance company can reserve a car from a preferred rental provider that bills them directly. The rental is valid until repairs on the policyholder’s vehicle are finished. NatGen is consistently in touch with the repair shop to monitor the repair process.

Q: Is towing service provided for a vehicle?
Yes, following an accident, towing service is included in the terms of a NatGen Premier Auto policy if the vehicle is not operable. It is recommended that the policyholder instructs the towing company about which auto shop to tow the vehicle to.

Q: What is the procedure in the event a policyholder is not the liable party of the accident?
Even if a policyholder is not at fault in an accident, he or she can file a claim through NatGen Premier. NatGen can speed up the claims handling process and get around needless delays. Once the other party is deemed at fault, NatGen will refer your claim to its subrogation department for collecting the funds from the other insurance carrier. In some instances, NatGen can even waive the deductible of the policyholder that is not at fault.

Q: What is the procedure when the policyholder is injured in an auto accident?
 It is best to inform the claims specialist about incurred injuries as soon as possible. The claims specialist will review the policy in order to establish what benefits are available to aid in treatment and recovery.

Q: How should a policyholder respond if the other insurance company calls?
It is always recommended to speak with a policyholder’s own insurance company before anything else. Talk to the NatGen specialist about all the facts involved in the accident to ascertain if it is at all necessary to confer with the other company. Most of the time, the claim specialist will speak to the other carrier on the policyholder’s behalf.

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Summary: This guide from NatGen Auto Insurance tells you how to file a claim when you are involved in an accident through its frequently asked question and answer forum.



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