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Holiday Cooking and Home Fires


How to Avoid the Risk Exposure

Happy Holidays! As you gear up for family fun and celebration, you’ll be spending a lot of time preparing time-honored holiday meals. In terms of national statistics, you’ll be putting your home at risk. Kitchen cooking, the insurance claims experts tell us, is the primary source of home fires.

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Five Ways to Avoid Fire Disasters

  • Never abandon your cooking.  Always remain in the kitchen while food is being sautéed, fried, broiled or grilled. Make use of a timer so that you will be reminded about cooking status. Before leaving the kitchen, turn off all burners.
  • Leave a pot cover close to your cooking range. In the event of a stovetop fire, do not pour water on top of the source or utilize a fire extinguisher. Instead, slip a cover over the pot or pan and quickly turn the burner off. Before removing the cover, allow sufficient time for the pan’s contents to cool off.
  • Keep flammable items away from the top of your stove. Be vigilant about safely clearing stove mitts, pot holders, plastic/paper packaging, bags or utensils, dishtowels, kitchen towels and wooden kitchen tools. Be careful about unfastened loose-fitting articles of clothing like a scarf, wrap or tie that could easily catch fire.
  • Test your smoke detectors. This should be done on a monthly basis to ensure optimum performance. Under no circumstance should you inactivate your smoke detector. Be sure to replace batteries annually.
  • Review your NJ homeowner insurance policy to ensure adequate coverage. No one can predict when fire disaster will strike. Make sure you have the proper protection with an experienced independent agency that deals with top national companies.




Five Things to do When Fire Erupts

1)      Leave and shut the door behind you so that the fire will be contained.  

2)      Then call the fire department or 911.

3)      If there is opportunity to attempt quelling the fire, make sure you have an escape path if you need it.

4)      In the event of a fire within the oven, turn oven off. Contain fire by keeping oven door closed.

5)      Should your home suffer fire damage or losses, contact your insurance agent to file an insurance claim.

 Thanksgiving and PRIME Insurance

Beginning modestly within a home garage in 2001 by offering premium NJ general liability insurance, homeowner insurance, auto, business, travel, life, workers comp, etc., PRIME Insurance has since grown and flourished to offer nationwide coverage. Now a leading agency on the verge of an exciting move from a network of storefronts to its beautiful state-of-the-art all-inclusive insurance center located at 960 East County Line Road in Lakewood, NJ, PRIME cautions homeowners about holiday cooking safety.

For more on all forms of optimum insurance policies at competitively low quotes, visit us at, email us at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or telephone us directly at 732-886-5751.


Celebrating holiday meals together with friends and family is a time-honored Thanksgiving custom. PRIME Insurance underscores quick tips on how to keep meal preparation as safe as it should be, eliminating insurance claim necessity.


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